Let us turn your trash into cash:  

Dental lasers, fibers, tips, and mirrors… 

Have a dental laser you haven’t used in monthsor years? 

Don’t know how to legally dispose of it?  

Why not get cash for that old useless laser or laser accessories?

Is it really time to sell?

Selling or trading in a broken or ineffective dental laser may be the right decisions for you.  However, we do recommend considering the effects of the decision.  It may be more beneficial to fix the one you have.

The easiest way to make the decisions is how long it’s been since you last used the laser.  For example, it’s been in the corner or in a closet collecting dust, there is likely little to no reason to keep it.  Furthermore, depending on your area it may be complicated to legally dispose of the laser.

That being said if you find that the laser would be useful if it worked, please consider the repair cost against the time and money to replace/upgrade it.  Often a simple tune up and some replacement parts can take the laser back to what you enjoyed about it when it was new.  Call us  now at (800)507-5850 if you wish to talk to someone about getting the machine repaired.

The process of selling your laser?

We do our to make the process of selling your labor as painless as possible.

Step 1. Call us at (800)507-5850

Step 2. Help us evaluate the value of the laser

Step 3. We give you an estimated value

Step 4. You make shipping arrangements with our assistance 

Step 5. Ship the laser

Step 6. We make final evaluations 

Step 7. You get paid

During each step of the process you are welcome to call us at (800)507-5850 to get assistance and status reports

Questions or concern?

Call (800)507-5850 now for assistance